Census data (2016) states

Lone person households in 2016

Lone person households in 2041


of all households to be lone person in 2041


We collected feedback from 1300+ coliving respondents and found that:

  • Average age of tenants is 33
  • Average tenure is 4-5 years
  • Will pay $75 p.w. more than they advertise as their budget
  • Respondents identified the below items as being critical:
    • Private Bathroom
    • Lockable Pantry
    • Lockable bedroom
    • Dedicated Coliving (no live-in owner)
    • Fully Furnished
    • Air Conditioning
  • tenants willing to move within 15km radius

Dwelling Supply

Nationally, there are 30,000+ rooms
Flatmates.com.au has approx 15,000 rooms
Less than 75% are furnished
Less than 30% are dedicated Coliving
Less than 5% have a private bathroom

Tenant Demand

Nationally there are 55,000+ tenants

Flatmates.com.au has approx 20,000 tenants